About Us

WorkCo is your one stop shop to help you expand globally with 100% certainty and will help you gain the trust of your employees in every country. We own our legal entities outright. We do not rely on any vendor networks to do any of the painful heavy lifting.

WorkCo is committed to transparency. We'll provide you a workflow showing you exactly which entity is employing your employee. We also have transparent IP transfer audit trails, so that you never have to worry about who owns key parts of your company.

We're building with all of the stakeholders in mind: the employees, the employers, and the governments. We see ourselves as long-term partners to every stakeholder involved and provide the best in class quality of service, putting all of them ahead of ourselves.

Our Mission
& Culture

Our Mission & Culture

Fair to Employees

Our system should always facilitate a fair, stable, and reliable way for employees to work.

Rule Abiding

Always follow local regulations and labor laws. Never cut corners even to save money. Be patient, follow laws, and work with governments to clarify those laws over time.

Employer Ease

Our goal for employers is zero risk, worry, hesitation, or other complications when hiring globally. Choosing WorkCo should take an hour, and going global should take a day.

Absorb & Facilitate

We sit between many stakeholders, and we prioritize them all over our own risks and operational ease. We act to absorb any structural gaps between those stakeholders.