WorkCo is creating a legal and regulatory framework for full time distributed employment that's fair for employees, employers, and governments.

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Why workco

Empowering startups to hire 100% legally and with 100% certainty anywhere in the world.

Standardize the risk around remote hiring
We cater to everyone that does not want to operate with risk.
Bring opportunities to global talent
Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. We will bring opportunities to everyone, anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection.
If there are any issues: We take care of everything
We bear your risks and liabilities around termination, regulatory fines, worker disputes and any other remote employment risks you may face.

what we offer

Let us bear your remote employment risk while you grow your global team.

Hire across different jurisdictions

WorkCo will ensure you hire your full-time remote employee 100% legally.

IP Protection worldwide

We assigning our clients all right, title, and interest to the extent permissible by applicable law.

We indemnify you

Our compliant framework will remove all uncertainties in unknown environments.

Payroll processing and other administrative compliance

Your global payroll will be processed seamlessly.